Are Lesbians really anti-social and uninvolved?

Are lesbians really more withdrawn from the LGBT Community? I attended an intercompany pride network event and this topic came up. And sadly, I can’t help but agree. Why do gays always outnumber lesbians in LGBT events? Where are the lesbians at? Well, probably at home, snuggled up beside our long time partners, reading books and browsing tumblr. But what do you think would make them come out of their comfy hole and get involved?

I admit, I myself am an introvert who really prefers to browse tumblr, watch videos and pretty much just stay at home. And although I do feel passionately about the LGBT cause, before I didn’t really feel like rallying in the streets or doing something like that. I guess what made me more involved is the availability of channels to show support to LGBT in my company. My work is pretty much my life and having an accessible Pride Network at the office where I spend a good amount of my time really helps make it easier for me.

How about you?




Counting the days before a new year…

I honestly feel jittery over excitement. In a few days, I will be turning thirty-ish. Ha! I am semi-proud of my age because I am self-proclaiming that I don’t look like one!

Kidding aside, birthdays have always been uneasy for me. Probably because I bombard myself with massive self-expectations and life reflections. I tend to be on a spiral breakdown every time my birthday is a peek away.

Please don’t judge me for not being thankful for another year. I actually am. I am up for more adventures to come. Being in a series of wakes this year reiterated the fact that life is too short so might as well enjoy it whilst it lasts.

I guess I am just being cynical sometimes. It’s that other side of me which serves as a gravitational pull to reality.

But hey, it’s a new year and there is still another happy side that believes in new breakthroughs, new hopes, new phase, new beginnings, new life. I have so much faith in the Creator that I know He will continue to work on me – to make the best out of me.

Another chapter is about to unravel in a few days…

And before anything else, please let me tell you this:

As a late-bloomer, I really appreciate the fact that I have more support than what I could have had if I decided to be out in my earlier years. I guess now is the right time for me. I found the perfect woman, got beautiful and loving children, received support from my Mum and maternal family (although it somehow remains unspoken of in the household) and most of all, I get to meet more inspiring queers both personally and online. Being out has been one of the bravest decisions I have had in my life and I want to personally thank you, my readers, for being one of those people who made this easier for me – amidst the societal judgements.
I am truly grateful for having you as part of my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.