One of life’s simple pleasures…

One of the best things about rearing a child is introducing her to new things and experiences. Here’s just one of them that I got to capture on video… the day I showed her to dunk oreos in milk…

I hope I get to capture more moments like these in the future. It would be fun to make videos of them and then show it to them when they’re a bit older. I imagine a few years down the road I would be rewatching them to reminisce too.

Cheers, S

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Our family collaborative art


Something we plan to do more together… We sat down around a piece of cardboard and drew on our own spaces. K did the heart family, Hurricane (our son) did the cool blonde boy on the left, K’s cousin, who takes care of our baby, drew the small person on the right. I drew one of the few things I can draw (blue rose on the right). Our lil’ queen, the budding abstract artist, drew the rest.

We wanted to introduce our lil’ girl to coloring and drawing this early. And now she’s been drawing on almost every surface, including our TV screen. Thank god we got washable crayons.