Today we went to our nearby Puregold store.

We were recognized and remembered by employees in no less than 3 stores inside. First, we had lunch at Mang Inasal, where the lady at the counter commented how big our daughter has grown. She said she remembers us and even pointed to where we liked to sit. Then we went to the computer store, CDR King, where the lady at the counter also talked to us and said she remembers my partner going there when she was still pregnant. Same thing happened in the hardware store. 

Well, we gotta admit, lesbians & lesbian couples are quite eye catchers in a crowd, much more a lesbian family. It kind of warms my heart to know that there are people looking at us and (hopefully) cheering us on in this journey we chose. It’s also heart-melting to realize that that store is a huge part of our baby’s life and that there are people there who has seen her ever since she was still a baby.


Our Gay Family Life – Illustrated!


My wife posted this a year ago on her Facebook wall, not expecting to happen #4 in only a year. We may have skipped #3 but we are getting there… one step at a time. Anyone knows who the artist is so we may thank them? Thanks in advance!