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And so we decided to venture into another form of media. And I must say it’s actually made it easier for us to share our lives with you. When you’re a parent and working full time, you could hardly find the time for other things like your passion and hobbies, specially when our little girl was still a baby.

But discovering the world of youtube has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for us in making this work and not taking so much of our precious time and effort. For now, we just film using our phone cameras (Samsung Note 3) and we are just using Windows Movie Maker for lack of any other software to edit videos with. But at least we’re doing it. Consistently, it seems. And it’s actually so much fun.

Yes, it still takes a lot of time to edit and in fact, we do already have a few backlogs already that I’m trying to catch up on. But what’s important is that finally I think we’ve found our groove in this “blogging thing” that we’ve always wanted to do but never really found the time and energy for.

What we really wanted is to share our lives whoever may need to see it. Show you how life is for lesbians on the other side of the globe. Where marriage equality doesn’t exist. Where the Catholic Church almost runs the nation and a lot of modern ideas are still taboo. The last country where divorce isn’t even legal.

Anyway, here is our very first vlog entry. Our first time to join the Pride March. We wanted to show our support to Metro Manila Pride. And we brought our kids along. We wanted to “come out” as a lesbian family, hoping that our presence somehow would bring hope to others that there you can live a full life even as a lesbian. We also wanted to show our eldest the LGBT community and help him feel comfortable in it. We hope you enjoy!

Cheers, S

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Happy Coming Out Day!

Coming out has been one of the scariest experiences in my life. The fact that most people I care about will not understand who I really am and what I am going through makes it more difficult. There is a sad misconception that being LGBTQ is a “choice” – and I am perpetually judged because I am in love with a woman. I felt that I have been looked down by people because they say it was against my faith in Abba. It takes guts, courage and heaps of prayers and support to withstand such. I know that I am being judged still – but being who I am in this short life made me take a stand. It isn’t wrong to be who you are or to love someone because you live a life of truth. This is a gift you give yourself. I know in my heart that Abba loves me the way I am – no more, no less – because He loves me UNCONDITIONALLY.

I am blessed to have come out of the closet. I was scared like crap but it was all worth it. I was able to filter out and keep the greatest and most wonderful people in my life. I lost friends but I met more beautiful people along the way. They have the hearts of gold – and those people are definitely worth keeping.

No, I won’t shove my sexuality down your throat because that isn’t right. What I am showing the world is the real me – so I may live freely.

There is something I ask of you though. If you know someone who is LGBTQ – open your minds and hearts to them. Being queer isn’t the entirety of who they are – but merely a portion of who they are. Embrace their queerness. Think of it this way, the reason why they have shown you their real selves is because they wanted to live a life of liberty and truth. They just wanted to be comfortable in their skin and they trust you enough. So go ahead – support and love them! You never know how much your acceptance really is to them – or should I say, to us.

Happy Coming Out Day!