Thoughts on Rebound

Last night, I had a talk with S about rebounds and she made me realize something: A rebound is not a one-woman show.

Rebound goes two ways: a woman’s vulnerability and the other, her blind pursuit of love through “advantage”.

We shouldn’t just blame one for the actions of both. Why am I referring to both having faults? One was too vulnerable that she opens her heart to love – in a possibility of forgetting the love she has lost; whilst the other, pursues love and gets attracted to someone so frail – empowering her to take full control of circumstances.

Heartbreaks like wounds take time to heal. The lesson at hand is for us to take things slowly & respect the time and space for either of the party. This is so we can be consciously cautious of our decisions and not run into a radical change of something we really could not fight or stand for. And on the other hand, we should not also take advantage of the frailty of that person we love so as to get what we want. If we really love the person, we should give her time to open up her heart truly – and not temporarily, just to sugarcoat things up and dive into a possible heartbreak.

Heartbreaks should not beget another pain. Instead, it should be a rainbow of hope for someone who needs to find herself. And loving again should be a refreshing yet lovely moment for two people, just because they both deserve it.

And for friends of both parties? I guess it is not our prerogative to blame one for the other. Disappointments are there indeed, but I guess all we have to do is to be there for them and empathize. We are not really here to point fingers of who did wrong or what. Support is what they need.


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