Counting the days before a new year…

I honestly feel jittery over excitement. In a few days, I will be turning thirty-ish. Ha! I am semi-proud of my age because I am self-proclaiming that I don’t look like one!

Kidding aside, birthdays have always been uneasy for me. Probably because I bombard myself with massive self-expectations and life reflections. I tend to be on a spiral breakdown every time my birthday is a peek away.

Please don’t judge me for not being thankful for another year. I actually am. I am up for more adventures to come. Being in a series of wakes this year reiterated the fact that life is too short so might as well enjoy it whilst it lasts.

I guess I am just being cynical sometimes. It’s that other side of me which serves as a gravitational pull to reality.

But hey, it’s a new year and there is still another happy side that believes in new breakthroughs, new hopes, new phase, new beginnings, new life. I have so much faith in the Creator that I know He will continue to work on me – to make the best out of me.

Another chapter is about to unravel in a few days…

And before anything else, please let me tell you this:

As a late-bloomer, I really appreciate the fact that I have more support than what I could have had if I decided to be out in my earlier years. I guess now is the right time for me. I found the perfect woman, got beautiful and loving children, received support from my Mum and maternal family (although it somehow remains unspoken of in the household) and most of all, I get to meet more inspiring queers both personally and online. Being out has been one of the bravest decisions I have had in my life and I want to personally thank you, my readers, for being one of those people who made this easier for me – amidst the societal judgements.
I am truly grateful for having you as part of my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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